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Rachel Joyce is such an amazing author... Gahh it's a great book! I think I cried

Definitely! I haven’t gotten to the end yet but I’m foreseeing that kind of reaction for myself already!

Massachusetts Doesn’t Count

There’s one game out there that’s absolutely supposed to drive everyone Americrazy. We’re all proud to be housed in the land of the free; at home with the brave. But 50 states? That is quite a few to remember. And if you can’t name ‘em in 10 minutes, well, they say it’s likely you’ll never be able to name ‘em all on your own. Myth?

We shall see. In honor of the recent passing of the 4th of July (anyone else wonder how, after we stopped talking all fancy, we decided not to change this to July 4th along with all the other dates?), I’m disabling Google, my Maps app, and - Tumblr - I’m taking you on (mostly because no one else wants to play with me 😢).

On your keyboards.

Get type-ready.


(1) Maine, (2) New Hampshire, (3) Vermont, (4) New York, (5) Rhode Island, (6) Connecticut, (7) Pennsylvania, (8) Delaware, (9) Maryland, (10) New Jersey, (11) Ohio, (12) Indiana, (13) Illinois, (14) Minnesota, (15) Michigan, (16) North Carolina, (17) South Carolina, (18) Virginia, (19) West Virginia, (20) Kentucky, (21) Tennessee, (22) Georgia, (23) Alabama, (24) Florida, (25) Mississippi (Yes! halfway there!), (26) Louisiana, (27) Arkansas, (28) Kansas, (29) Nebraska, (30) Nevada, (31) Utah, (32) Arizona, (33) Oklahoma, (34) Texas, (35) Idaho, (36) Iowa, (37) Montana, (38) South Dakota, (39) North Dakota, (40) California, (41) Washington, (42) Oregon, (43) Alaska, (44) Hawaii, (45) Missouri (Okay I’m starting to struggle here…), (46)  Wyoming, (47) Wisconsin (Are you sure there are more states out there??), (48) Colorado, (49) (Two to go!) New Mexico, (50)

Ugh. Okay. I give up. 49! I ended up with 49 states and I must say, at this point I’ve given myself a fair amount of time. Now to look at a map and realize how dumb I am for forgetting some ridiculously obvious state…

HOLY MOTHER - I forgot Massachusetts. The state that I reside in and am currently sitting in.

Hey, I never said I was smart.

It’s funny to see, nevertheless, how everyone plays this game. I know there’s various strategies, but geographically is how I first start. I set out from my home region of New England, at the most north-east tip, and work my way south east, south west, then jump over to the west coast, then try to tackle all those jumbled up states somewhere in the middle that I really don’t know but can only picture as flat nothingness. When I hit a dead end there, I go over them alphabetically until I convince myself that everyone else is lying and that no, there are NOT 50 states. There just aren’t.

In case you think you can beat me and top my record of 49 states, take a practice run or two on Sporcle and let me know when you’re ready to show me up.

Until then - I do have something that I think can redeem myself with. I once had these all down-packed, but it’s been a while now. Let’s see if I can get the 23 Provinces of Argentina:

(1) Buenos Aires, (2) Catamarca, (3) Cordoba, (4) Corrientes, (5), Entre Rios, (6) Jujuy, (6) Neuquen, (7) Rio Negro, (8) Santa Fe, (9) Santa Cruz, (10) San Juan, (11), San Luis, (12) Santiago del Estero, (13) Tucuman, (14) Tierra del Fuego, (15) Rosario, (16) Mendoza, (17) Chaco

That’s it. I can only get 17.

Here’s what I forgot: Chubut, Formosa, La Pampa, La Rioja, Misiones, and Salta. Darn, those sound so familiar now.

Thanks, Sporcle. You are an awesome tool for learning states, and even the countries of Europe (which I once also attempted in college and when I had nothing better to do with my time, thinking I was a horrible International Relations minor for not knowing where any of the countries were, let alone that they existed, and learned quite a few. But to try again now would be to embarrass myself further past my failed Argentine Provinces attempt at redemption…)

He was a chap like himself, with a unique pain; and yet there would be no knowing that if you passed him in the street, or sat opposite him in a cafe and did not share his teacake. Harold pictured the gentleman on a station platform, smart in his suit, looking no different from anyone else. It must be the same all over England. People were buying milk, or filling their cars with petrol, or even posting letters. And what no one else knew was the appalling weight of the thing they were carrying inside. The inhuman effort it took sometimes to be normal, and a part of things that appeared both easy and everyday. The loneliness of that.

Rachel Joyce. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

Can’t wait to get through to the end and do a book review on this one. It’s a gem.

Thing #45

Describe exultation.

noun: exultation; plural noun: exultations
a feeling of triumphant elation or jubilation; rejoicing.
she laughs in exultation

synonyms: jubilation, rejoicing, happiness, pleasure, joy, gladness, delight, glee, elation, cheer, euphoria, exhilaration, delirium, ecstasy, rapture, exuberance

Jesus. If there was one thing in the world that would be near impossible to explain, I think that this would be it. Not only did I not realize that this word actually existed (you would think I’d have a wider vocabulary with how much I read and write, oops), but I don’t have the slightest idea of how to begin describing what it is in it’s most basic form: happiness.

When we’re born, no one tells us that when our parents are pulling ridiculous faces, we’re meant to feel some kind of pleasure that should be expressed with a smile or chuckle. It just happens. It’s an inherent feeling. We can’t suppress it, we can’t fake it, we can’t hide it. Well, not truly and for forever, anyways.

Today when I think of a triumphant, exhilarating feeling of joy, I remember the exact behavior of Angel Di Maria and Lionel Messi when that long-awaited golazo hit the back of the net in Sao Paolo yesterday.



Basically, you get this feeling that blasts up from your toes, sending an instantaneous shock through your entire body. It resonates massively in the pit of your stomach, causing it to feel as though it was just struck by lightning before doing a front flip. It sends your finger tips tingling, possibly a cold sweat breaking out, and for your eyes to generally widen in a subconscious manner to avoid you missing any possible second of what has brought you such joy.

Other times, it might hit you in a way that ignites a reaction signaling to onlookers the complete opposite emotion of what you’re actually feeling. Tears prickle and a knot tightens in your throat so that you need a moment before you can explain that these are “happy tears.” I find that this reaction also tends to coincide with extreme gratitude, whereas the previous reaction can be associated with genuine surprise.

The cause of exultation? Anything under the sun. Literally. Some people find joy in love, success, even music or food. Others… unfortunately find it in things like robbing a bank and crap. Guess they wouldn’t keep at it if they didn’t feel that kind of “rush,” right?

It usually takes some time to fade away… It can leave you buzzing for days at a time. And even then, it’s not something you entirely want to go away. Exultation is a good thing, plain and simple. If you don’t have it, you want to get it, and if you’ve got it, you want to hold onto it. Once you’ve experienced it, I think it leaves a little flag on the timeline of your life so that you always remember the event for how it felt, rather than what actually happened.

Is This Funny? - It DID Happen!

Welp, this is embarrassing. It’s legitimately been a month since I’ve posted an actual post; making me a fall-off-the-bandwagon blogger. It’s been even longer since I’ve cracked open my “642 Things” book to write about. I have to say, though, that if anything I’ve actually had a really stellar excuse.

I was more or less completely consumed in taking on my first acting experience in an independent feature film. I spent a few sleepless nights in a store called That’s Entertainment acting on “Action” and stopping acting on “Speeding. Quiet on set… As in… Quiet in the Red Room… Seriously, can it.” I learned what it means to “spike” and why you shouldn’t do it, I watched the sun set and rise all in one work day, and I met some really amazing people that I now can’t imagine not knowing!

All in all, it’s been something that I feel incredibly lucky to have been a part of, and will remember for my entire life with some pretty legit sentiment.

Well, actually, it might be largely remembered as one big blur… given that I was jumping back and forth between a family vacation in Cape Neddick and shooting in Worcester… but on the whole it will still be with a rather whole-hearted smile.

But now that it’s a wrap, I absolutely can’t wait for this story to hit the screen. Counting down the days until I can reunite with the cast and crew at the premiere!